Comprehensive Dog Training Classes

Dogs are naturally pack animals and never spend time alone. People become the pack leader for their dog. Therefore, we need to understand how the canine leader communicates through voice intensity, body position and voice tone. By teaching you this, we hope to give you the tools to understand your dog’s natural responses to its environment. By gaining a better understanding of your dog, you will have many years of happiness and companionship.

All you need for your novice (or basic) obedience class is a training collar, a proper leash, choke chain and one hour of your time once a week for ten weeks. By the time you finish your 10-week dog training you should be able to take your dog anywhere, anytime and off leash and have him/her behave.

Adopted and rescued older dogs have additional needs and may have been surrendered because of unwanted behavioral issues. We help you learn effective ways to bond with your newly adopted family member and address unwanted behaviors. Learn what your new companion and family member needs to feel safe, secure, happy, comfortable and well balanced. You are also welcome to come and watch classes now in session. Call us at (559) 825-5525 today.

Your Dog Will Learn To:

  • Heel/Walk by Your Side
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Down Stay
  • Stand for Examination
  • Come
  • Plus Some Variations of These Commands Both On and Off Leash
Train Your Dog For Behavior Problems.
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